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Fundaes from Alumni, to the Freshers 2021: Krishna Tejaswi Ayapilla

Shaastra Spons and PR Core The journey begins Krishna (who also goes by as AKT) still remembers the date; it was the 11th of July 2017. He was too scared to check his own JEE rank that his parents had… Continue Reading →

Through the LinkedIn glass: Off campus internships

Interview with P M Siddharth, from the Department of Chemical engineering who secured an off campus internship as an Analyst at Vedantu in conversation with Swati B.  What were your impressions on the internship season as it approached in your… Continue Reading →

Off Campus Placements : Too Dutch of a good thing!

Ankur Tiwary, Graduated 2021, Dept. of Engineering Design who recently got placed at Cruden BV talks about his job search in Amsterdam with Sujay Srivastava. Read on to find out about his international summer internship & dual-degree project in the Netherlands.  When… Continue Reading →

The Online Internship Season: What’s changed?

In March 2020, when students left the campus, they thought they would be back in 2 weeks; but it has almost been a year and a half now. Since then, an entire batch of students graduated, a new batch joined… Continue Reading →

Intern Guru: Consulting at Bain & Company

As Bain & Company has opened for internships this year, we sat down with the final-year students placed at Bain the previous year. Read on to find about their preparation, experience at Bain, and more. 1. What exactly does the… Continue Reading →

Inside Bain & Company

We talked to three of our alumni – Kaushik, Tanya and Shreyas – currently working at Bain and Company. They share their experience at Insti and fundaes about consulting and Bain in specific. Here are some of the excerpts from… Continue Reading →

Walking the walk with Taran Singh, Founder & CEO of Melvano

The journey to founding his startup started in the second year of his insti life, when he began tutoring students as a part of the Acad Buddy program. Taran Singh, an alumnus of the 2019 batch of the dual degree… Continue Reading →

Insti and Beyond with Mr. Shiv Shivakumar – Reminiscing and Reflecting

The Other Side is back with a brand-new podcast series, From Insti & Beyond, in collaboration with the Alumni Relations Cell of IIT Madras. Here, they aim to talk to distinguished alumni of IITM to enable young graduates and students… Continue Reading →

Art of the Deal: Music set for JEE

Surya Srini just released his first original single “Kadhal Aadhirai” while also working in a corporation. He graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of IIT Madras in 2019. In this interaction with Chennai36’s correspondent Sujay Srivastava, he opens up… Continue Reading →

The Sculptor

She stood proudly at the centre of the gallery, admiring the throng of visitors streaming through the doors. She warmly greeted her patrons with a polite smile.   “My dear, you’ve outdone yourself this time- how realistic this one! Is!… Continue Reading →

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