Sai Aditya Velichala (BT/NA/12) was the  Facilities Core for Shaastra 2011.

Okay – I am Sai Aditya Velichala and I go by the name “Shywhy”. I graduated with a B.Tech in Naval Architecture in 2012. Now, long story short – I was from Pampa and since I was a freshie I heavily participated in elections. And being a gult, I was able to speak pretty good Hindi. I even fooled a senior when I was being ragged that I was developing homosexual tendencies and wanted to kill myself. Anyway, I was the Facilities Core for Shaastra ‘11 along with Sariya aka Ayush Nalotia under Rigid aka IVS Sandeep as the Co-Cas.

Jumping into the questions –

1. How was your experience being a Shaastra Core?

My experience was pretty good. To be honest, my core group without me and Sariya would have been bored to death. Well, I had a really good time as a core esp. for a department with a huge number of junta under me. I never really bossed around but there were moments when my coords had issues and they used to approach me and that was something I never experienced before. It felt good, to advise and guide them. So all in all, it was a very good experience.

2. What made you apply for the position of Core, and what would be your message to aspiring core candidates?

Well, I applied for Facilities core because of two things –

  1. To change the outlook of the department

  2. To kick people’s arse

Junta always considered Facilities as being a boring/dumb/for people who were good for nothing – especially by the “pseud” junta of the insti who had the notion “Oh My God! You want to be in Facilities?” . So anyway, I wanted to change that. I wanted to bring a sense of proper professionalism coupled with a tech feel to the department.

And regarding kicking people’s arse, it was a sort of a political motive. Although, this was a motive, once I was the core I had way too much work to focus on kicking people’s arse.

3. What were the things among your Core duties that you enjoyed doing the most?

Hmm, it has been over two years – so I forgot a lot of things. From what I can recall, I loved attending the core meetings. We used to have all the core meetings in Narmad comp room and it was an epic location coupled with the fact that our core team had a clear distinction of views. Me, Sariya, Kaushik, Rebel were the “we should be up for drastic changes” and then Rigid, Saubhagya, Rasheed, were the more cautious folks. And, then there was this intense rivalry between Bob and Rebel – both being Evolve cores, they always had a conflict which was epic. I loved being there, in the meetings and out of all this chaos we worked our way through everything and actually delivered a good Shaastra.

4. Do you think the responsibility of being a Core helped you in your later life?

Totally. I learnt to say “No”, even to really close people. I understood the meaning of “greater good”.I learnt to be part of a group and work with all sorts of folks. Last but not least, I learnt to do things which I liked in my own fashion – I developed this immense confidence in my style of doing things. And these are the things which help you everywhere, to make good decisions in life and also let you be a guy who does what he likes.

5. I love Shaastra because it gave me a platform to develop my style.

6. I love insti because it gave me really good friends, as a result good memories.

And, I wanna give a shout out to Sappola,Mallika, Chaat, Bouncy, EC, Phani, Raaj, Anudeep and Abhitej. I had a really good time with these guys.

Coming to photos – these are epic (I think)

1. Chaat, looking like a pistol-


2. Kaushik Parashara aka Bouncy – this guy was my room neighbor for 3 years. Once again, dressed up like a girl and looking like a pistol-


3. Another pistol and a very close friend of mine – Abhitej Mopuri, from Narmad.


4. One of the core meetings in CFI –


5. This is Advaith Shankar Mahan aka Sappola, my final year room neighbor and also a damn close friend of mine, wearing my polka dot pants –


6. Finally, I died a lot of times in this guy’s room – #551 Pampa hostel, Mr. Phani Sharavan.