Amrit Vatsa (DD/CE/08) was the  Design Core for Shaastra 2006. He is also the co-founder of Shaadigrapher which offers wedding photography services. Following is what he had to say about his experiences.

How was your experience being a Shaastra Core?
I loved my job. My job was to hang out with a bunch of fun and
creative juniors and keep coming with new ideas for posters /
catchlines / ambiance etc. As fun as it can get. Plus we got a lot of
grub coupons in the end! :)

What made you apply for the position of Core, and what would be
your message to aspiring core candidates?
Well mine was a special case. Never had to apply. There was nothing
like a design core till I became one. So yeah I was the first design
core in Shaastra.

What were the things among your Core duties that you enjoyed doing the most?
Kind of answered this already.

Do you think the responsibility of being a Core helped you in your
later life?
Yes. Being a core helped me realize I liked running a team – helping
them brainstorm and come up with new ideas / strategies and then go
ahead and implement them. I think in my second term as a core, we had
actually started clicking our own photographs and getting our own team
to create original drawings for making posters (instead of the trend
until then to just copy some image from Google and use it to create
posters / banners). I worked as a consultant for four years after IIT
and if I am correct I ended up being one of the junior-most Manager in
about 4 years. Being a core lets you know in advance if you are going
to love being a manager later in your life. Interestingly, I quit my
job to become a photographer (have co-founded – so
may be in future, when I end up expanding whatever I have created, I
might actually restart doing creative stuff including managing fun and
creative junta)

Describe in one line : I love Shaastra because it created a
coreship for me 😛 (that’s a fact)

Describe in one line : I love Insti because it taught me the
meaning of love. And break-ups; and that life was so much more that
all of that! :)