Shaastra 2013 ,for the first time,introduced a technologically aided cultural show.This show named Envisage stood true to its name and revolutionised Shaastra by increasing the entertainment factor for the not so technical oriented guests. Working on this success , the shows team of Shaastra 2014 under the leadership of Ravikiran Bobba presented Envisage 2.0,India’s largest student organised techno-cultural show.

The Envisage Team

As it  often happens,the journey is more enjoyable than the goal, especially for a goal of this magnitude, the journey was an unforgettable one.The shows team started working in April of 2013 and consisted of 40 coordinators.The first step involved the research into the vast concepts in science and technology and selecting the ones which can be used to dazzle the audience.After a few months of research,15 coordinators were selected and took on 7 projects.These included 3 projects from the Envisage 2013 which were improved.The projects from 2013 were Persistence of Vision(POV),projection mapping and wireless virtual instruments.The virtual instruments in Shaastra 2013  were connected to the amplifiers by wires.This was improved as the new virtual instruments were wireless and had great mobility. In spite of starting work on the models the shows team did not leave the possibilities of trying out new ideas and had new teams doing research and development.A couple of projects like Ruben’s tube and Tesla Coil were rejected due to various constraints but were replaced by new ones like firewall,holographic projections and LED suits for the techno-cultural show.The scale of the holographic projections was a record on its own.

The LED Suit

The first show of their work was during the Centre For Innovation (CFI) Open House in late October 2013.The shows team presented the prototypes for POV, holographic projections, virtual instruments, virtual DJ and LED suits.The virtual DJ was a completely new idea that could be patented and gathered a lot of attraction,Inspired by the successful display the team geared up and started finalising their work for the big day.

4th January , the big day was filled with activities as it marked the beginning of Shaastra 2014. Excited whispers about the show were common all around the campus.The show started 20:00 hrs in the Students Activity Centre(SAC) and was greeted by a large audience which completely filled the huge centre. What is a technical show without robots ? The audience were not let down as they were introduced to the virtual humanoid.The bot took over the show from the emcees by a formal shake of hands. This bot was controlled by three people and displayed some of the best moves a robot has ever seen.

This was followed by the Virtual DJ which used the LEAP motion sensor for gesture recognition and was used to play many songs for about 2 mintues. Following the DJ came the interactive surfaces which detected hand gestures using Microsoft Kinect.” In the age of technology,we must not forget our motherland.” This was the message that was brought out elegantly by the surface which was used to play songs from various parts of the country. Following this came the fluid wall which used kinect and made a fluid dance in the same way as the human.

No cultural show is complete without a band. Envisage presented its virtual band which consisted of a tabla,two acoustic guitars,drums and a virtual piano. This band played some the most well known tunes and had the crowds numb with the magic of their music.

IMG_5784This was followed by  holographic projection where a 3d movie was displayed using the properties of light. The model was created in Blender and displayed inside a holographic cage. Projection mapping followed the holograph where the team presented the projections on two different surfaces.

First a car took the audience on a tour around the country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and the car came to SAC. Then the car suddenly changed its appearance completely leaving the audience dazed.

The show ended with the much awaited Techno-cultural dance with LED suits.The lights on the suits could be controlled  and this was exploited to create various breathtaking patterns and formations like the dragon formation.

The only disappointment (if any) for the shows team would have been the inability to present the multi-coloured POV,targeting to break the world record due to some technical glitches.However they plan to complete the POV in the coming months and take a shot at breaking the world record.

The journey to Envisage one that the teams will not forget and hope the journey becomes a lesson for the future teams to attain large heights and break boundaries.

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