0The IAR Student Council is a diversely skilled team with an evergreen presence in almost all spheres of Institute activities! This is accomplished by its subdivisions/teams, each of which works to meet the Council’s highest vision ie., to connect the alumni to the Institute, and bring to students and the Institute, their expertise and resources. It also works to encourage foreign students’ entry into the institute by enhancing our international perception. At the same time, students going to foreign universities, from the Institute, are given orientation sessions and guidance as and when required. The Council is the face of IIT Madras in the outside world and continuously engages in activities that enhance the value of  “brand IITM”. Apart from innovative, impactful events like “A Day At IIT Madras” and “Daan Utsav”, it also generates top quality video content portraying life here, and the experiences of different sets of students.

The expertise and resources we, as students, can gain access to from the alumni, is overwhelmingly large! It takes a coordinated effort to make this possible. Every team of the Council works towards this goal. We bring to you a brief description of what each of these teams do and how they contribute to this vision. Every team also offers its members a lot of perks and a steep learning curve. This article should help you decide which team it is that you are looking to join and how former members have felt about their tenure.

Chennai 36 – insti’s fundae repository

Chennai 36, the official student-alumni blog of IIT Madras, works to connect yesterday’s wisdom to tomorrow’s endeavours. We converse with alumni, students and professors about their experiences on “everything IIT-M” and convey this as articles on our blog

As a part of the team, you would get to actively interact with some of our most esteemed alumni, be a part of some of the biggest events of the Institute (Sangam Confluence, Reunions, Distinguished Alumni Awards, Institute Day etc.), write articles that structure and influence the paths of hundreds of students (including you), get firsthand information about emerging trends among our students in the kind of life choices made and decisions taken, and most importantly, develop a vision and realise your own path ahead through all the above mentioned activities.

One of our correspondents talks about his experience at C36-

Initially, I had no intention of joining Chennai36. It was during the last few days of the selection period that one of my seniors told me to check it out. After getting fundaes from the heads, I jumped in, and this is one of the best decisions I have taken in my insti life. I have enjoyed every moment of my work here, made infi contacts, and have got invaluable fundaes. I have got the opportunity to interact with some very eminent personalities and have improved my communication and writing skills tremendously. I would advise freshies to explore Chennai 36 and what it has to offer!

You can check out our blog at chennai36.iitm.ac.in.

Alumni Relations Celllink between the communities of student and alumni

The Alumni Relations Cell (ARC), at IIT Madras, is a team that has a primary objective of connecting the alumni and our General Student Body. This is essential as it helps us stay connected, and form a network that reaches far beyond our country. They conduct several alumni-oriented events throughout the year and leverage this 50,000+ strong alumni network for the benefit of the students of our institute.

Some of their main events and activities throughout the year includes alumni mentorship program for students,  closed room networking sessions, lectures and webinars by our IIT alumni.

This team also conducts Sangam Confluence and Alumni Reunions where we welcome our alumni back to their alma mater.

Being  a part of ARC comes along with a lot of perks. Throughout the year the managerial team gets an immense number of opportunities to interact, network and get fundaes from the high profile alumni of IITM. ARC creates a meaningful impact in the institute by helping the administration in generating alumni funds for the welfare of our institute and its students.

Apart from all this, ARC also ideates on, and formulates the Yearbook, a memorabilia given to all graduating students.

A simple hello could lead to a million things:  It’s been a year since I joined ARC as a manager and the thought of staying on in this vibrant team is knocking at my door again. This all started way back when the Aspiring Managers’ Meet was underway and the ARC Heads went up on the stage to entice the freshies to join their team.

Looking back at my tenure of managership, I seem to come out as a much groomed professional master of ceremony, given the multitude of events I handled, and a whole lot of memories which taught me to learn, learn and learn. From mastering event management skills to setting foot into the terrain of publicity and branding, to conducting campus tours for stud alums, I grew up. I could never realise the immense potential that the alumni community harbours if I had not come into this team and worked with my colleagues, who were no less competitive, and compassionate as well. I think I’m taking back grand memories of meeting and interacting with alumni who came down to revisit our campus which was once their home”.

Institute Branding Cell -the face of IIT Madras

The Institute Branding Cell (IBC) works to enhance the brand value of IIT Madras as an institution, within India, as well as globally. It also endeavours to improve the reach of the IAR Student Council’s events within the IIT Madras student community. Let’s know more through a former team member:

Having been a part of IBC for two consecutive years now, I can honestly say that it has been a tenure of varied experiences. This is one team that allows you to explore your creativity while deciding upon new ways to market events on social media, while parallelly honing your event management and interpersonal skills via the on-ground exposure you receive. IBC conducts two flagship events of its own, namely A Day @ IITM and Daan Utsav (Joy of Giving week). A Day @ IITM gives you a chance to interact with aspiring IITians and their parents, and play a truly significant role in improving their perception of our institute. Daan Utsav is IAR Student Council’s yearly community service event, wherein we give back to our fellow citizens in ways more than one: sumptuous lunches as well as railway station beautification drives have found a place on this day of thanksgiving. These events give you an amazing opportunity to converse with people of all ages and from different walks of life. Such events helped me to significantly enhance my perspective on several matters, and also instilled a sense of pride for having worked primarily towards improving the image of IIT Madras. The Branding team also aids the administration in data consolidation for the coveted NIRF rankings! Additionally, due to the fact that IBC is a new team, the scope for expanding the territory of work is immense.IBC ensures that you are pushed to think out of the box at all times.

In short, IBC is a great team to join if you’re enthusiastic about enticing more IITians, and the world in general, to experience the phenomenon that is IIT Madras, while simultaneously brushing up on the requisite skills to mould a distinctive personality in your years here.

IITM TV -official student media body

IITM TV is the Official Student Media Body of IIT Madras. Its main motive is to brand IITM TV on one of the most prominent social platforms – YouTube. IITM TV is the viewpoint of IIT Madras for outsiders. They accomplish this by creating videos spanning a variety of genres. In the previous year, they uploaded 23 videos (from June 2018 – March 2019) which consisted of their highest reaching Freshie Vox Rox Video which had 237,238 views as on April 12, 2019. Apart from this, IITM TV also conducts workshops for its team members, and collaborates with various other institute bodies like E-Cell.

In the last 365 days, IITM TV has had

  • +5640 Subscribers on YouTube
  • 787,121 views on YouTube
  • 1,627,607 minutes of watch time.

I have been a part of IITM TV since my freshie year, I joined the team to work as an Assistant Content Creator in script-writing, but later on developed interests in cinematography, and eventually editing. The journey has been tremendous for me and I have learned a tonne of stuff to the extent to be able to conduct workshops for the Assistant Content Creators in my field of work. Working with the team helped me in starting from scratch, the art of editing with all the video lectures that were made available on every aspect of film-making: from being able to get acquainted with the software to knowing the kinds of edits to make. The projects we did throughout the two years I worked with the team have taught me much more than I had expected. I have huge respect for the team and all the members.

International Relations Cell  –foreign interaction, cultural exchanges guru

The International Relations Cell (IRC) caters to the needs of all incoming students, outgoing students and foreign delegations of IIT Madras. IRC works toward making the experience of a student in the host university memorable. Throughout the year, it conduct various events such as trips for international students, country meets, cooking sessions, and semester exchange fundae sessions. They make sure that students of insti are getting benefited and making use of all the available international opportunities. One of their flagship events is the International Day, which they organise with the International Relations (IR) Office, mainly aimed at conducting a valuable cultural exchange for everyone, both for insti students and the foreigners in insti.

To get a first hand experience, let’s hear from one of their team members-

I was one of the managers in the IRC team of academic year 2018-19. During my tenure as a manager, I learnt a lot of things. These things include organizing an event on a large scale such as International Day, organizing a trip for 35+ people, my communication skills were improved manifold, you get to display leadership skills as well. Creativity and innovation have no bounds in this team. There was a lot of freedom and any initiatives are supported well by the head and the IR office. With respect to perks, I got to travel a lot,and you get to hangout with the International students and get to know about their university and culture more. All in all, it’s a great team to build a global network of friends in various countries.

Associations & Sponsorship Cell -A good deal about money!

Let’s hear about this team through a former manager-

In the IAR Student council, there is a sub-group called Sponsorship & Associations Cell, a relatively new group, which takes care of getting sponsorships such as cash and kind deals from different companies. I was part of this team as a Manager in the academic year 2018-19. During my tenure, I learnt quite a lot of things such as how to write a draft proposal for associating with a company, how to find contacts of companies for sponsorship, negotiation and selling skills, persuasion and marketing tactics and learnt how to close deals (like Harvey Specter and Bobby Axelrod..,). One of the prolific benefits of being in this team is that you get to work closely with employees in the IAR office. With their help, you can learn a lot by taking overwhelming risks because they have our backs at times of hardships and difficulty.

With respect to perks, members get to enjoy a lot by attending different events all round the year. They deal with big organisations and there is a lot to learn about how things are done professionally in this field.”

Design Team  -the digital artists

The Design Team covers all aspects of designing for the IAR Student Council. This includes all posters, brochures, web design ideas, Yearbook, and even our T-Shirts! The team is an extremely creative one which also famously doesn’t demand a lot from entrants. High levels of enthu and a design sense will suffice!. They hone your skill if you are interested enough. Let’s hear more through a former team member:

I came to know about IAR from my friend. The selection process was not really hard, just basic design sense and enthu was enough. I got selected. In the first few team meetings we got to know out team members. Each of us (managers) were allotted to the one of the three deputy heads. The deputy heads gave us tasks to complete after few days, to improve our design skill and to get to know Photoshop. There were some two-three tasks to be completed. After that we got real work, banners and posters. Then came the T-shirt design. We had treats afterwards. After that we didn’t have much work, maybe some posters every now and then. Enjoyed being with the team and being a part of I&AR.

Operations Team -the optimisers

The Operations team is the common bridge between all the departments in the Council . The team is responsible for storing data and analyzing it. It assists the different teams with their events by analyzing their customer behavior and gathering insights from them. QUALITY CONTROL is also done by the operations team. Working in this team gives a hands-on experience on what we do in the corporate world. The team also keeps a track of the financials of the entire IAR Student Council. To sum it up, the Operations team brings the entire IAR Student Council together and makes it more efficient.

IAR Operations Team is one team that coordinates with all other teams of IAR. It is challenging, but at the same time, interesting to come up with new strategies to optimise Council functioning. It was a great exposure as one gets an opportunity to interact with all other teams and understand their functioning and suggest ways to improve.

And finally, let’s hear from our secretary, Ravi Khatri…

IAR student council is a group of students who are working towards a common vision of creating a meaningful impact in the life of different stakeholders of our vibrant institute. From professors to students, from alum to aspirants! IAR student council is a relatively new body, I will be the 7th IAR Secretary. Thus we have a lot of fresh ideas to execute and a dream to realize, i.e. to make IIT Madras the best institute in the world. I am a part of IAR student council from last three and a half years , I can’t possibly  imagine my insti life without IAR. There is so much that I have learned being a part of this council and I believe that it is now my duty, or rather my honour to give back to this amazing community of remarkable students.

The Council is hiring managers for its teams. Kindly refer to your smail for more details or contact the respective heads.