Rakesh Kumar Divya (Tatte) Dual Degree, Civil Engineering, Batch of 2012, Godavari Hostel IIT Madras. He recently cracked the Indian Engineering Services exam and is waiting for the final posting.


IIT Madras and Godavari hostel provided me with an opportunity to excel in the field of sports even though I didn’t play a single sport during my school days. Thanks to the NSO programme, I got selected for volleyball in my first year. I did one year of volleyball NSO as part of our degree programme but ended up playing hockey for rest of my time at the insti. It was saddening to see our hostel lose at the Hockey schroeter that year. That is when each one of us decided that we would work extremely hard for the next year and perform even better.

That was the start of an unforgettable journey, an awesome journey of Hockey for me at the institute. I practiced hard with all my hostel team members for schroeter during my 3rd semester. It was a fairy tale start for me at that schroeter as I scored against the defending champions Mandak in the semis and Ganga in the final in our dream run to gold. I still have that video of me scoring against Ganga. I just replay it to cherish those wonderful memories. link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcjN9UpjEaw

PICTURE 1Winning the Schroeter gold was a total team effort by all of us (Constant, Foyu, Pupi, Mayank, Pappe, Bot, Plastic, Pacer, Shampoo, and our goalie khattar) and a special mention to the awesome cheering by hostel junta during matches – GODAV GODAV GODAV! GODAV!!!


Inter IIT 2009

My first inter IIT at Kanpur didn’t go well as we lost to Bombay (4-0) in semis and also lost the bronze match against Roorkee being unable to recover from the loss in the semis. But, destiny has its own writings and whatever happens is always for better times.

Inter IIT 2010

Our new captain (Constant), new coach (Felix) and new sport sec (Hic) built a strong team keeping in mind the future prospects and the results were on the door. The team clinched the Gold beating all odds in Hockey after 7 years in inter IIT 2010 which proved to be instrumental in reclaiming the GC. GC was back to its home, IIT Madras!!

Inter IIT 2011

It was during this time that I got the huge responsibility as the institute team captain. As so many experienced players (Constant, Hic, Pupi, and Sudarsanan) completed their degrees, they left behind a big void in the team. It was a difficult phase for us but thanks to ILA, Meena, Foyu, Prem and Ganapathy, we built a team which didn’t disappoint anyone.

Since it was my final year and placements were around the corner, I couldn’t travel with the team for the inter IIT. But I had faith that my team would reach the finals again, so I booked the tickets for the final (thanks to Constant, Cavity and Vivek who urged to me to go for the finals)

PICTURE 2People say history repeats itself but it repeated sooner than I expected at the Inter IIT in 2011. We won both the semis and the finals in penalty shootouts and retained the Holy Grail, GC!! It felt amazing to lead the team to win the gold medal.

“The Garibos” was born in this tourney!! That’s what we started calling our team.


After Inter IIT 2011

After clinching the Gold at the inter IIT the team was confident to take up even bigger challenges. So, we decided to participate in local tournaments as well. Moreover, it was a good opportunity to give some exposure to the budding players and infuse enthusiasm about Hockey in the institute. That way more and more players would come and play this beautiful game. Thanks to the new players and team members we won a bronze at the Anna Fest.

We won a Silver medal at VIT, despite playing the quarters, semis and finals on the same day. I also organised a tournament so that new players could come forward and we could maintain a great pool of talent for the future. Sports infrastructure in IIT Madras is really good. But if we have a turf for Hockey, at least half a court, it would give us an edge over the others.

During my time as an institute captain, I learned about team spirit and leadership which has helped me thereafter in my life.

I went to Roorkee along with Constant to cheer “The Garibos” at the next inter IIT. I watched them destroy every team with ease as they clinched the gold for the 3rd time in a row!!


Best of luck to all “The Garibos” who are keeping the spirit of Hockey alive at IIT Madras!!!See you all soon; I will definitely be there to cheer you up again at the inter IIT being held in IIT Bombay in 2014.