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Fundaes from Alumni, to the Freshers 2021: Krishna Tejaswi Ayapilla

Shaastra Spons and PR Core The journey begins Krishna (who also goes by as AKT) still remembers the date; it was the 11th of July 2017. He was too scared to check his own JEE rank that his parents had… Continue Reading →

“Do not worry about your first job” says Tanuj ‘Tdot’ Jhunjhunwala

  Tanuj ‘Tdot’ Jhunjhunwala is a 2014 Dual Degree Batch Mechanical Engineer (Product design). Known for his passion for Technology, he was an integral part of CFI throughout his Insti life. He was the Events Core of  Shaastra 2013 and… Continue Reading →

Placement Guru : Mukesh Kela at Flipkart

  Mukesh Kela is a 2014 Batch Mechanical Engineer of Saraswathi Hostel. He was a Shaastra QMS Coordinator before being the Finance Core of Shaastra 2014. A responsible and committed finance core, as a person, he is fun loving with… Continue Reading →

“My work is an advanced level of Shaastra/Saarang coreship”, says Saptarshi Prakash

  Saptarshi Prakash in his own words is  “a tireless seeker of knowledge, techno-maniac, ardent appreciator of minimalism, occasional purveyor of wisdom and an Electrical Engineer”. He was the Design Core of  Shaastra 2012 and Mitr Core Member from 2013-14. Saptarshi ‘Fingers’… Continue Reading →

The Shaastra Chronicles – Sai Aditya Velichala

Sai Aditya Velichala (BT/NA/12) was the  Facilities Core for Shaastra 2011. Okay – I am Sai Aditya Velichala and I go by the name “Shywhy”. I graduated with a B.Tech in Naval Architecture in 2012.

The Shaastra Chronicles – Neelesh Rangwani

  Neelesh Rangwani (DD/ME/12) was the  Hospitality Core for Shaastra 2010. He is the head of CRM and Affiliate Marketing at

The Shaastra Chronicles – Yashwanth Tummala

Yashwanth Tummala (BT/ME/09) was the  Publicity Core for Shaastra 2008. Following is what he had to say about his experiences. How was your experience being a Shaastra Core? I loved being a Shaastra 2008 core member. It was a great… Continue Reading →

How Tech at IIT Madras Shaped Me

When I entered IITM in 2008, I was awe-struck by the variety of activities that happened. Like a fresher, I tried my hand at many activities –such as playing hockey in quadrangle, participating in quizzes and building catapults in Project… Continue Reading →

When Things Work!

Sayan ‘Prof’ Ganguly was the Co-Curricular Affairs Secretary of IIT Madras (2008-09) as well as Events Core, Shaastra 2007.  He presently works with Shell in Malaysia.Fondly remembered by his batchmates, and recalled by many of his juniors as an amazing… Continue Reading →

The Making of Envisage 2.0– India’s Largest Student Organised Techno-Cultural Show

Shaastra 2013 ,for the first time,introduced a technologically aided cultural show.This show named Envisage stood true to its name and revolutionised Shaastra by increasing the entertainment factor for the not so technical oriented guests.

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