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“I Chose Yale for it’s Active Film Society” : A Short Interview with Professor R. Nagarajan

Prof R Nagarajan (1981/ B.Tech/ Chemical) is currently a Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Dean, International and Alumni Relations. Below is an excerpt of his interaction with the Chennai36 team.

Ode to a Fallen Stalwart: Prof. R. Nagarajan

Ode to a Fallen Stalwart Softly, silently, stealthily, does he move. The man’s got a point to prove. His wife thinks he’s a poltroon, His kids call him an ultra-maroon, But in mosquito-hunting, he’s just hitting his groove.

Love in All the Wrong Places

Some might consider my being a private detective an aberration for an Indo-American, but I couldn’t care less. Actually, I consider it a natural regression in my life. First, I got kicked out of school for trying to seduce my… Continue Reading →


Mr. Madhavan was a creature of habit. Of him, it could fairly be said that you could set your watch by his actions. He woke precisely at 6:30 am, to the ringing of his antique hand-keyed alarm clock; he was… Continue Reading →

The Case of The Disappearing Databaser

I’m a dick, ok? Private detective, that is. Do you have a problem with that? If you do, I got a pair of brass knuckles in my trouser pocket that can rearrange your facial features in a hurry.

The Case of the Distraught Dancer

As the sole Indo-American detective in Silicon Valley/ Bay Area, I get a lot of business from the community; you might have read of my exploits in “The Case of the Purloined Programmer”, “The Affair of the Disappearing Databaser”, etc.

“I simply collect money”: An interview with Dean IC&SR

Prof Krishnan Balasubramanian speaks to Chennai36 about his experiences as a teacher and the work he does as Dean, IC&SR.

From the Administrated to the Administrator: An interview with Dean, Admin

Prof P Sriram speaks to the Chennai36 team about his experiences in IIT and about how times have changed since his time here as a student.

Its All About Giving Back: Interview with Dean, Academic Research

  Prof. Sarit K Das joined IIT Madras as a faculty member in 1995 and is the current Dean of Academic Research. We speak to him about his life and his plans for IIT Madras.

My days in Insti- Interview with Dean, Planning

Prof. David Koilpillai (Dean, Planning) speaks to the Chennai 36 team about his time at IITM, his dreams for the place and life in general.

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