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Post the lecture: A talk with Varun Gupta, founder of FinoZen

Varun is an IIT Madras 2010 graduate. He started his first company to unearth sports talent in India, however was met with limited success. His next company was in Big Data Analytics which he exited in June 2015 at a… Continue Reading →

Those 4 frightful days at Inter IIT Kanpur 2009-10 and how they changed our lives forever!

  The first group game pitting IITM vs IITK saw a series of egregious decisions by the referees to turn a deserved and comfortable win for us snatched away. We were leading 4-2 with 5 minutes on the clock, and we left… Continue Reading →

Placement Guru: The BCG Experience

Noufal Basheer was part of the Civil Engineering class which graduated in 2010. He worked at BCG, and is currently part  of the CEO’s financial strategy team in a Kuwait-based conglomerate.

The Grad Guru : Karan Syal at the Arizona State University

  Karan “BJ” Syal graduated from IIT Madras in 2010 with a Dual Degree in Biotechnology. He was the Hostel Affairs Secretary in 2008-09. A very dynamic and motivated person, he is presently pursuing a PhD in Arizona State University.

The Grad Guru: Srivani Amrutavakkula at Harvard Business School

      1)  When and why did you decide to apply for further studies? While I was pursuing my second year of Bachelor’s at IITM, I happened to develop an enthusiasm for trekking and I met Arul Sekar who was… Continue Reading →

The Placement Guru- Putting it in a nutShell

The Alumni Blog team shares with you the counsel from an  alumnus working with Shell to give our final years a quick look into oil and gas as a career choice.  This article hopes to prove insightful on Placement Interviews,… Continue Reading →

The Placement Guru: Plotting my Growth Curve!

The Alumni Blog team interviewed an alumnus working with Sequoia Capital and previously with McKinsey & Co. to give our final years a quick look into Management Consulting as a career choice.  This article hopes to prove insightful on Placement… Continue Reading →

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