Being a freshie might seem like an intimidating task, it’s the time of taking fundaes without knowing what fundaes are, whom to take it from and what fundaes to take. To make your life a little easier, Chennai36 has come up with a guide to make your life a little easier.

The best part about being a freshie is that everything is about you, there is no other year where you get an exclusive Schroeter and LitSoc events just for you. Almost all your seniors are going out of their way to help you settle in, so it’s the best time to explore and find your interests.

I spent my first year roaming around, exploring new things and making friends. Try to maintain a good CGPA. Explore several things and find your interest. Maintain a good relationship with professors and have good friends around you.

Daniel Viju, 2017 Chem Alum

Another daunting prospect of coming to insti is the questions we get about what we plan to do in the future. Academia or a job? Core or Non-Core? Should I get a PhD before I go for a job? Even when we ask our seniors, we can’t have a complete idea about what we want to pursue because most of you are only 18 and most people don’t know what they want to do with their life then. The best way to go about finding an answer is by getting first-hand experience and asking questions to a lot of people.

First and second years in insti are what they are- you learn about your field; you haven’t completely thought through what your future is about and you are relatively new to finding your field.

I myself was unaware of what I wanted for the first 3 years at IITM. If you are able to figure that out early on, then you do have a good headstart and an upper hand over the others.

Prasanth Tanikella,2007 Civil Engineering Alum

Before jumping in with both feet into research, one must try it out on a small scale and analyze his/her compatibility with it.

Raghav Vaidyanathan, Elec

A question that is bound to pop up in a while is whether or not to be a volunteer for Shaastra and Saarang. There are people who would want to be a volunteer, others who want to be part of the crowd. If you decide you want to help out, there is always the question of which vertical you should opt for. Here is what one of our alumni had to say on the topic.

Involve yourself in the cultural activities of the institute. They are a source of strong bonding and fun. It gives you a diversity of experiences and you get a different perspective. It gives you an opportunity to expand your horizons, both mental and social.

Tony Mathew, a 2016 Chemical Engineering alumnus

And finally, one golden advice that is often left unsaid, make the best out of your vacations. How you spend your time outside insti is as important as how you spend your time when you’re here.

Start your preparation early. Don’t wait for your college to start to begin your preparations. Utilize your summer well and you will have a lot of time to cover everything.

Vishal Mohanty, CS & Engg

Author: Arundathi (DD-NA ’21)

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