Priya Suryanarayanan, 1995 BTech, Chemical Engineering, is a voracious reader but a woman of few words. Here she synthesizes for you advice from her experiences as an occasionally reluctant IIT student, wife, mother, educator, technologist and much much more. Print this out and pin it up on your soft board!

The following is not advice to be followed on all days. May be if things are not going okay for a few days, and if you are not finding a drive to make a difference, then look this up.

1. Do everything that you take up, with a fair sense of involvement. Studying, parenting or working. In reality, no one can force you to do anything. At least not in adult life. You set out to do something because you saw it as means to something larger or it was the end in itself. Either way stay involved.

2. Don’t be cynical. People are cynical when they fear failure. And you fear failure because you haven’t tried at all or maybe you’ve tried and failed in the past. Either way, being cynical doesn’t help. Your cynicism does not make anyone’s life better. Ever.

3. Engineering teaches you to solve complex problems. In some strange ways, I have found that it helps in practical life. It teaches you not to be overwhelmed with the issue on hand. Find work-around’s. Shift boundaries. An amicable solution will be found. It could be in learning to cook, child rearing, work-life balance or project management.Priya

4. We, as women, are a product of nature’s evolutionary process. And we are also part of social evolution where a lot of our ‘biological responsibilities’ can be outsourced. These two factors combined could lead to conflicting decisions. In such situations, listen to your heart. Not to anyone else’s.

5. Don’t be harsh on yourself. You get one life, lots of opportunities and the mistakes you make are a part of learning.


About Me:

I graduated in the mid 90’s with a B.Tech in Chem Engg. Been working with Brillio for the past eight years. Love getting in to work – which is to search, research and preach about what technology can do to business. When things get boring, I love to write EXAMS , the latest being one on patent law!  Also getting re-educated in classes VIII & IV through my two kids!