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“We want Ather to be a great product company” – A talk with Tarun Mehta

Who, in recent days, hasn’t heard of Ather Energy? From being the dream child of two fresh IITM graduates, the company has gone on to become a thriving business with a hundred – odd employees. On 23rd February 2016 Ather… Continue Reading →

Before you start taking big leaps, you have to be the master of small steps: The Team Behind Raft

Geotagg is an IITM Alumni Startup. They were in the IITM Incubation until recently when they raised INR 1 crore and graduated. They have a team of 10 people working on the mobile app Raft. This application gives up-to-date information… Continue Reading →

“All you have to do is keep trying” says Mayur Mundada, Founder & CEO,

Mayur, who comes from the Marwadi community, which prizes entrepreneurship, knew he  always wanted to start up. “My parents are my source of motivation”, he says, adding “When I resigned from investment banking job, my father was the happiest person”…. Continue Reading →

The Startup Guru : Sensa Core founded by Ravi Meruva

It is not our skills which make us who we are, it is our choices, the experiences we get from those choices and the choices we get from those experiences. “We prepare for entering IIT for most of our school… Continue Reading →

Telecommunications and Cows

Since my childhood telecommunication technologies have fascinated me. I always wanted to be an engineer, specifically a Telecommunications engineer. My parents wanted me to be a doctor, and I did my best to ensure that I score passing marks in… Continue Reading →

Why Employers Should Stop Seeking Formal Credentials

  For the past two decades, cost of college education has skyrocketed, going up much faster than inflation or incomes. Common consensus is that the higher education system must fix itself. There is a workable alternative: employers should stop requiring… Continue Reading →

Start up Guru : MakeyStreet, founded by Alex J V

  Alex J V graduated with a Dual Degree in Engineering Design in 2012. He was the Head of C-Tides and was a resident of Godavari Hostel. How would you describe Makeystreet in the briefest of words? It’s a community… Continue Reading →

The Start-up Guru: An interview with Vasan Sowriraja

Had issues trying to tell your stylist precisely how to have your hair done? Ever ended up buying a coveted compact online just to realise it doesn’t suit your skin tone at all? Well, that’s where software’s developed by Vasan Sowriraja comes… Continue Reading →

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