1) Power of Physical Labor

Share the workload of your parents and others at home daily. Working hard on small household tasks does wonders for the body, mind and spirit. Hard work is important as it builds self-respect and releases positive energy.

2) Money

Understand  our connections with money closely . Think about the ways money gets spent. Isolate real needs from wants. Arrive at a balance that suits your unique nature and family situation.

3) Seek Help from a Guru, Friends

Try seeking wise advise from a Teacher/Guru for directing your life.Get help in your area of interest from people in your chosen/interested work area.

4) Reading

Devote some time to read regularly about the life stories of great people’s struggles in life. Read on self-improvement, effectiveness, self-confidence, positive thinking.

5) Handling criticisms

Take constructive criticisms with positive attitude. Ignore criticisms not productive.

6) Know your inner nature

Get to know our likes, dislikes, special talents, nurture these inch by inch constantly while being in current occupation.

7)Time with Nature

Spend some time in nature. It will do wonders for self-confidence and health. Nature is a great teacher if you pause a bit and observe its workings closely.

8) Get Organized

Practice “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle” policy in our lives. Use this time (between employments) to get better organized, dispose belongings that we many not really need. Free up time and space for the really important things in life. Retain only things that can help your future, (remind good memories), and which do not harm others or Nature.

9) Facing failures

We will face rejections and closed doors in our search for meaning. Take these in the spirit that a better future awaits somewhere soon. Perseverance and faith are the virtues one needs to develop constantly to recover from failures.

10) Recover good health

Health is true wealth. Correct health problems during this period by careful self analysis.

11) Contentment

Develop attitude of contentment towards present, but however work diligently towards dreams and goals.

12) Power of Prayer, Charity and Service

Adopt a goal or causes bigger than our own lives. Use free time (other than job search time) to improve conditions of society in some form – e.g. donate clothes, books, etc. to charity. Pray to God  regularly. Surrender to a higher force will help you get out of our current situations with His Grace.

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