In this interview with Chennai36, Sachin, a fourth year Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering student talks about his internship at IRS Mumbai.

Why did you choose to apply to IRS Mumbai? What is IRS?

I had decided from the start to only apply to core companies. Out of the two to three, I applied to and got accepted in, IRS was the one that appealed the most to me. IRS is the Indian Register of Shipping which is an international ship classification society. It is responsible for setting the standards for the ships and offshore structures.

What was your work mostly based on? How was the work you did related to your coursework?

My work there was to help design a jacket platform. Since the full structure could not be completed by one person in the given time, each part of was assigned to a different person. My work involved designing the top part of. This included designing decks and it had to be structurally sound to handle all types of equipment. A friend of mine, who was working on the same internship was assigned to design the node plate which gives stiffening strength to vertical columns which helps in giving support to the structure.

The work that gets assigned to us when we apply for this internship is based on the course we do. I had indicated in my resume that I had done a course on offshore structures, which was why I was allocated this particular work.

How did the selection process go? What do you think were the main criteria for selection?

The selection process had 2 steps. First, we submitted the CV which had to be clear and to the point. If this was satisfactory, we were asked to choose a period of 50 days during which we would be free to work.

It was not the CG, but rather the way the resume was presented that was more important in the selection process. The resume had to concise and to the point and as the interview that followed was based on what we had written in the resume, care had to be taken that the person had to have a thorough knowledge of what was written in the resume. I had taken a lot of care while making the resume, I think that is what paid off for me.

Did the PoRs you held help you out with your selection?

I had PoRs, about three of them. These did not play any part in my selection process. I pursued the PoRs as an extracurricular activity and because of my interest in these fields and not so that it would make my resume look better. I did not even add these as a part of my resume because I thought they would be irrelevant to the position I was applying for.

Were there any difficulties you had to face while applying for internships? Is there any advice that you would like to give to your juniors?

When I initially applied, I was hesitant about showing my resume to my classmates and friends so that they could point out the changes I had to make. The result was that to the first batch of internships I applied to, I submitted a resume with errors which gave the companies a bad impression. This resulted in my not getting an internship with Schlumberger. After this, I asked for help from my friends and this helped me in getting this internship.  I would ask them to take care that the resumes are in the best form because that little bit of extra work can go a long way.


Author: Arundathi (DD-NA ’21)

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