IITM alumnus M. N. Krish’s novel The Steradian Trail has just been released in India by Westland Books to rave reviews. The book was flagged off in Chennai as part of an innovative radio show on Chennai Live 104.8 FM. It is a highly original mystery-thriller that unravels hidden connections between computers, technology, religion, culture and an intelligent crime that makes readers go ‘wow’ in the end.

The_Sterdian_Trail Front Cover HIGH res

Interestingly dubbed Book #0 of the Infinity Cycle series, The Steradian Trail is a fast-paced mystery thriller that promises to keep readers glued to the pages till the end. The cut and thrust of the thriller is flavoured with a dash of humour and satire and crisp, evocative writing. So the book promises to have something in it for everybody.

The Steradian Trail has managed to garner advance praise from someone no less than Apostolos Doxiadis, the multi-award winning author of international bestsellers like Logicomix and Uncle Petros and Goldbach’s Conjecture.

Here are the blurbs from Doxiadis:

“a gripping mystery”

“expertly weaves multiple threads of its plot . . . into a captivating whole”

“a beautifully written, stylish novel”

Early Indian readers too have been glowing with praise:

“Despite getting absolutely no time because of work commitments, I picked this book up as my saturday night read and I just couldn’t stop reading it till I finished it. . . . make sure you spend some uninterrupted 8-10 hours with it. It would not fail to impress you, I can vouch for that.”—–Yatin Gupta on IBNLive.in.com

“I finished the Steradian Trail in a single sitting, the 350 pages thriller went by very fast. The core plot is excellent and fresh. . . . I was getting tired of the Da Vinci Code  rip-offs recently in Indian fiction; and this book is a breath of fresh air.” —–A reader on Goodreads.com

“If the combination of economics, mathematics, computer science and history is this interesting I wouldn’t mind reading more. . . . Mystery and thriller fans shouldn’t miss this one.” —–LiteraryGrandRounds.com

“The mystery unravels in such a way that you just cannot keep the book down. I was even reading it while walking from the metro to the lift.” —–MetroReader.wordpress.com

The author M.N. Krish, who is a predictive analytics expert, is from the Class of 95 CE who went on to MIT for his Masters’. He was in conversation with RJ Jane Jeyakumar as part of the launch event. He explained how the idea for the book struck him back when he was a student in Boston when he started learning about strange connections between science and technology and religion and culture. He found the area so rich and teeming with stories that what started out as a one-off novel grew into an entire series, The Infinity Cycle.

Promising cover-to-cover entertainment as the primary goal, Krish said that he wrote the first three books of the series over a ten-year period and there are more in the offing. Mystery-thriller provides a compelling format for the series and intelligent crime with a ‘wow’ factor underpins each story.

Further details about the book and the author can be found on: www.mnkrish.com and www.facebook.com/mnkrish. The book is available at all leading bookstores online and offline.

M.N. Krish is a predictive analytics expert and graduated from IIT Madras in 1995 with a B.Tech in Civil Engineering. He recently published a book titled The Steradian Trail.