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Engineering Design

Start up Guru : MakeyStreet, founded by Alex J V

  Alex J V graduated with a Dual Degree in Engineering Design in 2012. He was the Head of C-Tides and was a resident of Godavari Hostel. How would you describe Makeystreet in the briefest of words? It’s a community… Continue Reading →

The Greatest Addiction

Technology addiction is the addiction which I picked up after coming to IIT. Entering into IIT I was ignorant about technology. People around me could program an AtMega16 and talk about Python. I had no clue what a micro-controller is… Continue Reading →

Starting up after IIT: Ather Energy

I joined IITM in 2007 in Engineering Design Department for a supposed DD in Automotive engineering[i]. I got lucky and was housed in Ganga at a time when Ganga had some of the most inspiring seniors in the institute. As… Continue Reading →

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