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The Placement Guru

“Don’t forget to enjoy the placement experience” says Aakash Maddi

  Aakash Maddi is a 2014 Batch Mechanical Engineer of Mandakini Hostel. A freelance Graphic Designer, he was the Concept & Design Core of Shaastra 2013. He was also a member of the International and Alumni Relations Student Council 2013-14… Continue Reading →

Placement Guru : Mukesh Kela at Flipkart

  Mukesh Kela is a 2014 Batch Mechanical Engineer of Saraswathi Hostel. He was a Shaastra QMS Coordinator before being the Finance Core of Shaastra 2014. A responsible and committed finance core, as a person, he is fun loving with… Continue Reading →

“Placements can make your future but they can’t break it”, says Tejas ‘Meow’ Balasubramanya

  Tejas ‘Meow’ Balasubramanya  graduated in 2014 with a Dual degree in Aerospace Engineering.  Being a proud Saras-ite, he takes the slightest opportunity to tell anyone and everyone about how Saras won LitSoc 5 years in a row. He was… Continue Reading →

“Let’s just do our best” attitude worked, says Sanchit Mehta

  Sanchit “TomG” Mehta is a 2014 Batch Materials and Metallurgical Engineer. He was the Social Affairs Secretary of Tapti Hostel from 2011-12. A crucial member of the Institute Squash team, he also led the team at the 49th Inter… Continue Reading →

Placement Guru : ‘Discover’ing Vodafone

Avinash ‘Expiry’ Abhishek is a 2014 Batch Electrical Engineer currently working as Technology Trainee at Vodafone India. This is how he describes himself: “I am a fitness freak, techno maniac and an appreciator of minimalistic design.” Avinash was the Design… Continue Reading →

“It’s all Trial and Error.” – The Whats and Hows of the placement process by Nitin Chaudhary

Nitin “Aag” Chaudhary graduated in 2012 with a Dual Degree in Chemical Engineering and was a resident at Narmada Hostel. He is a firm believer in the method of ‘Trial and Error’ and never shies away from trying out something new…. Continue Reading →

Placement Guru : Smit Mehta at Google

  Smit Mehta was part of the Computer Science and Engineering class which graduated in 2014. He works as a software engineer for Google, at their London office.

“My work is an advanced level of Shaastra/Saarang coreship”, says Saptarshi Prakash

  Saptarshi Prakash in his own words is  “a tireless seeker of knowledge, techno-maniac, ardent appreciator of minimalism, occasional purveyor of wisdom and an Electrical Engineer”. He was the Design Core of  Shaastra 2012 and Mitr Core Member from 2013-14. Saptarshi ‘Fingers’… Continue Reading →

Placement Guru: The BCG Experience

Noufal Basheer was part of the Civil Engineering class which graduated in 2010. He worked at BCG, and is currently part  of the CEO’s financial strategy team in a Kuwait-based conglomerate.

“Interviews are just conversations, not tests” says SriramTrikutam

  Sriram Trikutam is an associate at Deutsche Bank in Jacksonville, Florida. He was an active member of The Fourth Estate and an avid quizzer. Read on to learn about his experience of getting placed in Deutsche Bank.

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