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The Grad Guru

The Grad Guru: Arjun Bharadwaj at IIM-Ahmedabad

Please tell us about yourself? Reminds me of the time seniors used to ask, “Eh, freshie, put intro.” Nick-Name: Samaadhi. Name: Arjun N Bharadwaj. Department:  Electrical Engineering, Batch of 2012. Hostel: Jamuna. I graduated from IIM Ahmedabad in 2014.

The Grad Guru: Karthik Rajkumar at Stanford University

Karthik Rajkumar, BTech, Electrical Engineering, 2013. Currently doing an MS in statistics at Stanford University with an intention to do a PhD in economics immediately after.

The Grad Guru: Nirup Kumar Nagabandi at Texas A&M University

  Nirup Kumar Bandi, an alumnus of IITM, talks about the process of applying for higher studies and the factors which influenced his decision.

The Grad Guru : Karan Syal at the Arizona State University

  Karan “BJ” Syal graduated from IIT Madras in 2010 with a Dual Degree in Biotechnology. He was the Hostel Affairs Secretary in 2008-09. A very dynamic and motivated person, he is presently pursuing a PhD in Arizona State University.

The Grad Guru: Pavitra Tejaswi at Texas A&M University

Pavitra Tejasvi, an alumnus of IIT Madras, speaks of her experiences while applying to colleges for higher studies.

The Grad Guru : Asha Chigurupati at Stanford University

1. When did you decide to apply for further studies? I always wanted to study further. Right from the beginning I gave very high priority to my grades and other metrics of academic performance. But I was super confused about picking… Continue Reading →

The Grad Guru: Srivani Amrutavakkula at Harvard Business School

      1)  When and why did you decide to apply for further studies? While I was pursuing my second year of Bachelor’s at IITM, I happened to develop an enthusiasm for trekking and I met Arul Sekar who was… Continue Reading →

The Grad Guru: Achyuth Sanjay at IIM Ahmedabad

1. When did you decide to apply for further studies? Sometime in 3rd year I figured out that mechanical engineering is not my cup of tea, and hence mildly started preparing for CAT, thinking that management was. Most pre-final year students… Continue Reading →

The Grad Guru: Vikram Rao at Cornell University

1. When did you decide to apply for further studies? I started leaning towards graduate studies during my first year at IITM. A summer school I attended at IISc during my second summer made me excited about a research area…. Continue Reading →

The Grad Guru: Abishek Sankararaman at the University of Texas at Austin

  1. When did you decide to apply for further studies? I decided roughly at the beginning of my final year (8th Sem) for me. After 4 years of undergrad, and having seen the industry, I decided that applying for… Continue Reading →

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