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“Stay cool and enjoy your life at IIT”: A talk with Mr. Suresh Kalpathi – Part 2

This article is in continuation to the first one Chennai36 published a few days back. Mr. Suresh Kalpathi, an alumnus of IIT Madras, is currently a very successful film producer and we are delighted to bring to you some amazing stories he… Continue Reading →

“What I learnt at IIT was that I can learn anything”: A Talk with Mr. Suresh Kalpathi – Part 1

The fact that Software Solutions Integrated (SSI) played a pivotal role in providing IT education to the masses in our country, is not news to any of us. But did you know that its founder, Mr. Suresh Kalpathi, an alumnus… Continue Reading →

If you are passionate about something, you will become great in it: An Interview with Prof.Santhakumar

Dr.Santhakumar is a retired professor of Department of Aerospace Engineering and is one of the few distinguished faculty who have served the institute for almost 50 years. A proud alumnus of IIT Madras, he did his B.Tech, M.S and Ph.D… Continue Reading →

Reaching for the sun: A conversation with Dr. Arul about the future of solar power

Dr Arul Shanmugasundaram. A graduate of IITM, part of the 1989 batch and former resident of Alaknanda hostel. Chief Technology Officer of `Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd, and one of the foremost figures in India when it comes to solar… Continue Reading →

“As a good leader you always have to empathize…” : Dr. Umesh Achia‘s interview

Dr. Umesh Achia graduated with a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from IIT Madras in 1968. When quizzed about his initial days in the campus, his voice reflects the same elation and excitement he had felt on clearing the JEE. He… Continue Reading →

“Path In The Forest” – An Interview With Mr. Sreenivasan Narayanan

Mr. Sreenivasan Narayanan (MSc Physics – ’89 batch) is the CEO of TrueStreams, which is a thought leader in internet streaming with a core focus to deliver Hyper Rich Streaming with innovative and disruptive technologies. In the past, he has… Continue Reading →

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